OCP Options

Choose one of the following patients and present THREE birth control options that you would recommend for them. Be sure to discuss the pros/cons/indications/contraindications for each method and support your recommendations with evidence. Initial post should be >250 words, in 7th edition APA format, and contain at least one high level scholarly reference. 17-year-old newly … Read more

eng 112- Rhetorical Triangle

  This discussion board allows you to practice identifying elements of the rhetorical triangle in a Coca-Cola commercial. Take your time here, rewatch the commercial as many times as you need to, and think about your answers. Learning to identify the elements of the rhetorical triangle whenever we read or watch something makes us better … Read more

benefits and issues of using health information technology

Describe the benefits and issues of using health information technology? Give me two different answers  benefits and issues of using health information technology We offer the best custom writing paper services. We have answered this question before and we can also do it for you. GET STARTED TODAY AND GET A 20% DISCOUNT coupon code … Read more

Business and IT

  LINK THE BOOK  I went over the format for this assignment-Introduction paragraph-Respond to each question in the assignment each with an APA heading.-Conclusion-Reference – APA style– with 4 references peer reviewed at least and book source -an example Module 09: Discussion Impact of Ecommerce and Mobile Commerce Choose an e-commerce or mobile commerce platform … Read more

Module 2: Lecture Materials & Resources

After studying , discuss the following: Harriet is a 51-year-old married woman with a past history of alcohol and cocaine abuse. She has been attending AA and NA meetings regularly and does not report urges to drink or use drugs during the 4 years you have been her psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. She needs carpal … Read more

religion background

A 3-page paper of your religious autobiography. Where does your religious story begin? Parents? Grandparents? Ancestors? If you don’t have a religious story, why? What takes the place of religion? What provides meaning for your life? – my great grandparents were in the holocoust  – my mom from the bronx  – my dad from valley … Read more

internal capabilities and resources.

This week focuses on internal capabilities and resources. Respond to the following  Discuss how a company’s internal environment might affect the development of the corporate strategy. Include product life cycle, personnel, and organizational structure in your discussion as these components must receive consideration for success of any strategy. internal capabilities and resources. We offer the … Read more

NRS-415: Nursing leadership and interprofessional collaboration

The Topic 1 Resource, “The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education,” represents the core competencies of professional nursing education and provides a framework that nursing programs use to prepare professional nurses. The RN-BSN program at Grand Canyon University meets the requirements for clinical competencies as defined by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) … Read more